HDD Data Recovery

Did you lose your data from an HDD? Let us know and we will find out if your data is really lost! At QUARTZ Data Recovery, we offer professional HDD data recovery services using the most modern technology in Romania.

Why do you need HDD data recovery services?

Hard drives are one of the most popular data storage devices used in our times. Unfortunately, they are also most vulnerable to data loss.

From our experience of over a decade in HDD data recovery, we made a detailed analysis of the types of incidents which involve hard disks and which lead to the necessity of data recovery. Here are some of the most popular incidents:

  • user behavior (represents one of the main causes for data loss)
  • virus attacks
  • wrong manipulation of information (cloning, overwriting, failed reestablishment of the operating system)
  • physical flaws, tension fluctuations, overheating
  • the compromise between the work speed and the storage capacity etc.

There are two types of incidents / malfunctions which lead to hard disk data loss:

Logical malfunctions

Because of logical flaws, the information becomes inaccessible when the hard disk is perfectly functional in a physical way. These types of flaws can be treated with the help of several software analysis programs and remaking the folder and files structure.

Physical, mechanical malfunctions

These is another main cause which leads to the necessity of HDD data recovery solutions. They might be caused from firmware issues (internal hard disk operating system), electric malfunctions or mechanical malfunctions. The HDD data recovery process is different for each case, depending on the following parameters:

  • Firmware malfunctions are remade/repaired with the help of software programs and hardware devices which access the disk in a similar way such as the factory process
  • Electronic malfunctions are repaired through changing the faulty components and reprogramming them whenever it is necessary
  • Mechanical malfunctions require a temporary repair to permit data extraction. The recovery process is realized in a White Room (Class 100 Clean room). In this room, a cubic meter of air has maximum 100 dust particles; in an ordinary room, a cubic meter of air has up to 3.000.000 dust particles. These malfunctions need change of the read/write heads or of the disk’s spindle motor.

Do you need HDD data recovery solutions?

Quartz Data Recovery, your HDD data recovery company, offers you the possibility to recover your data from a various range of hard drives: laptop, desktop, server or portable (external). The brands we have worked with are: Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, Hitachi, IBM, Fujitsu, Samsung, Maxtor, Quantum, ExcelStore, Conner, JTS with ATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS, ZIF or USB interface and their dimensions are: 1.8″, 2.5″, 3.5″ sau 5.25″.

As the first Romanian company specialized exclusively in data recovery, we have developed our own technologies and, therefor, we use the most modern data recovery solutions from hard disks in Romania. We offer services at a favorable price, we always respect our promises and we deliver the data in the shortest time possible.

HDD data recovery prices

Logical malfunctions Corrupt file system / viruses / malware / deleted files / formatted drive
45€ – 120€
Electrical malfunctions Damaged PCB board
80€ – 150€
Firmware malfunctions Firmware Damage
80€ – 150€
Physical / Mechanical malfunctions Spindle motor malfunction / damaged reading-writing heads / surface damages
150€ – 300€


The prices are in EURO without VAT. Individual clients have discounts and other benefits.

No matter how fast you want your data to be recovered, all you have to do is contact us for professional HDD data recovery solutions! We offer a free diagnosis.