The most modern data recovery technology in Romania

The data recovery process cannot be possible without using some solutions which involve complex hardware and software tools. In particular cases, these tools have been developed by QUARTZ Data Recovery. These instruments can be used in a white room class 100 (Class 100 Clean Room), which is a room where the air is filtered in a way that a cubic meter has are less than 100 dust particles.

QUARTZ Data Recovery was the first company in Romania which developed its own data recovery technology and which used such a lab, at international standards. In this space we open up disks for resolving the mechanical flaws, therefor we bring up these disks in a temporary functional stage so we can copy their data. In this way, the negative impact of the dust particles over the reading/writing heads is minimized. Here we use a series of mechanical and electronic tools (electronic microscope, oscilloscope etc) necessary to exchange the assemblies of reading/writing heads or the platters and also required in several alignment or adjustment operations.

The mechanical and electronic devices are completed by the software components developed for each disk model, using a set of instructions (factory commands) meant for each disk type. These programs allow direct access to the disk firmware and repairing it in case it suffers functional issues or the implicit operating parameters are modified.

After the temporary release of the disks we will make a backup copy which will be processed in order to accurately extract the data.

In this way, the most modern data recovery technology from Romania works, owned by QUARTZ Data Recovery.

Recovering data for over a decade

The greatest part of the equipment used by QUARTZ Data Recovery is the result of over a 15 years of hard work in the data recovery industry. This work allows us to develop advanced solutions and programs for ourselves.

Of course, by obtaining these results we were helped by the partnerships which we have with several profile companies in our industry.

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