Based on our experience for over a decade in data recovery, we have created an effective process that we’ve used in over 10,000 data recovery cases.

Find out more about our working procedures and the steps we take for each particular case:


In this first stage, you have to give us the malfunctioning data storage, which you can bring at our office or deliver through fast courier*.

When it comes into our possession, we will conclude a confidentiality contract for the data which we will recover. In this agreement we will define the terms and conditions necessary for the proper process of the data recovery and we will assign a unique customer ID and a ticket number for your order.

You can use these codes to track online the recovery process at

*in case of courier delivery, we insistently recommend using the online command form on our website. The expedition costs will be supported by you.


Each data recovery is different, depending on the type of incident which lead to data loss. This is why, in this stage, we evaluate the possibilities of recovery and establish if this process is possible, which is the recoverability percentage, the costs and duration.

The entire evaluation procedure is free and it usually lasts up to 24 hours. If after you receive the information you’ll declare a verbal agreement for our working conditions, we will send you by email a price offer which must be confirmed in writing.

Confirming our offer represents your firm commitment for us to start the data recovery process.


The data recovery process can last up to several working days, but usually it lasts for almost one or two days. Optionally, you can opt for an emergency recovery, for a extra fee. In this case, the recovery time is, usually, almost 24 hours long.

These data recovery periods may differ in exceptional conditions, according to the state of decay of the data storage device or the availability of the replacement parts. Any extension of the process will be transmitted to you in time.


As soon as the recovery is completed, you will be notified and we will provide you with all the information to test the quality of the recovered data.

Afterwards, you will honor financially our services by paying the invoice. Then, together, we will establish the modality of delivery of your data (disk, USB stick, new DVDs, external drives etc.).

If you cannot come to pick up the storage with your recovered data, we can send it to you via courier. The transport costs will be supported by us.

In case the recovered data quantity is under 100 GB, we can transfer you the data online, encrypted, through secured transfer.

Would you like to benefit from our professional data recovery solutions? Contact us for further questions or submit the online order form on our website!