Memory Card Data Recovery

Did you lose the data on your memory card? No problem! Call the specialists from QUARTZ Data Recovery for a quick and safe card data recovery! We will make sure your data get back to you safe and private.

Why choose card data recovery solutions?

Digital cameras and smartphones have marked the apparition and usage of memory cards. This is why we can find on the market different types of cards with various capacities in many formats: SD, MMC, xD, Compact Flash, Memory Duo, Smart Media, etc.

For various reasons, every card, no matter the format or producer, may suffer data loss. Some of these reasons could be:

  • photo camera malfunction
  • human error
  • accidental format
  • hardware incompatibility etc.

In a similar way as USB data recovery, the data loss of memory cards main causes can be:

Logical malfunctions

These malfunctions appear when the file system is malfunctioning (the causes can be: accidental format, overwritten files, deleted files, lack of recognition between the file system and the photo camera or card reader etc).

As long as the information is not overwritten (such as deleting a photo and making of other photos on the same card), the logical malfunctions are relatively easy to deal with.

Physical malfunctions

These malfunctions consist of more complex recovery techniques. They appear when the photo camera or card reader do not recognize the memory card or see it in a wrong way. For the data recovery, the information will be read in its brute form individually from each memory chip with the help of a flash reader and afterwards it is assembled according to the internal structure algorithm of the controller.

Do you need card data recovery solutions?

At QUARTZ Data Recovery you will benefit from high quality data recovery services. We make sure that the data will get to you in conditions of maximum privacy and we do everything necessary to recover your data, using the most modern technology in Romania.

Memory Card data recovery fees

LOGICAL Corrupt file system / deleted files / formatted memory. Estimated duration: 1 – 2 days. 25€ – 50€
PHYSICAL Type A The device is not detected. Estimated duration: 1 – 3 days. 50€ – 100€
PHYSICAL Type B The device is not detected or is detected incorrectly. CHIP-OFF procedure. ECC and XOR available. Estimated duration: 3 – 15 days. 100€ – 200€
PHYSICAL Type C The device is not detected or is detected incorrectly. CHIP-OFF procedure with ECC and/or XOR determination. Estimated duration: 15-30 days. From 200€

The prices are in EURO without VAT. Individual clients have discounts and other benefits.

All you need to do is contact us and we will run a free diagnosis!