QUARTZ Data Recovery services

No matter what data carrier you own (HDD, SSD, CD, DVD, flash memory, USB stick, RAID system, band unity etc), QUARTZ Data Recovery is offering you professional data recovery solutions. Our purpose is not to find out why the data was lost nor to fix the damaged storage. We are strictly oriented on the recovery of lost data and saving them on a functional data storage.

When do you need your data recovered?

For various reasons, the data you are keeping on a data storage may become inaccessible. These reasons can be: the storage can be damaged, data can be accidentally deleted, viruses can attack the storage, the disk can be used improperly etc.

The effects of data loss can have various forms:

  • Data no loger accessibile
  • Data can not be located on disk
  • The disk shows unusual noises during operation
  • The disk is no longer detected or is detected improperly
  • Various error messages appear such as:
    • Invalid media type error
    • Invalid partition table
    • Invalid drive specification
    • General failure reading drive
    • Data error reading drive
    • Sector not found
    • Track 0 bad

How can the data be recovered?

First, we will evaluate the possibilities of the data recovery. After this process which we do for free, we inform the client if data recovery is possible, which are the costs and the recovery time. This way, you can choose if you want the recovery process to begin.

The evaluation is made using hardware devices and software which allow us to work with hard drives in a similar way as their factory mode. We will access the disks in low-level, remake the original firmware or extract the data in case the drive has more damaged sectors or read/write heads.

Fixing the mechanical problems

In lots of cases, the disk drive should be opened at its mechanical part so we can fix the internal problems. We will do this in a special white room where the dust particles density per air cubic meter is not over 100 (Class 100 Clean Room). Our lab is the first of its kind in Romania, and the solutions we use are developed by our team for over a decade of activity in the data recovery industry.

This operation allows data recovery without the risk of contaminating the reading/writing heads with dust particles that can stop the recovery. This way, we can temporary start the damaged disks to read the data and transfer them on back-up drives.

The recovered data is your property

All the data recovered by QUARTZ Data Recovery belongs exclusively to its clients and will stay in our custody until the client honors the fees. Our company can not use the recovered data in any way to harm our clients’ interests. The confidentiality of the recovered data is assured through the contract and implemented through internal working procedures.

Do you need data recovery services?

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