USB Data Recovery

Surely by now you have used at least once a USB stick once in your lifetime. However, defects can occur anytime and it can be very unpleasant to lose important data. Fortunately, we will not allow this to happen thanks to our USB data recovery solutions. Regardless of the cause that led to the failure of your stick, you can contact us and we will do our best to get your data back to you!Nowadays, USB sticks have become the most common way to transport data between different computer systems. However, the main disadvantage of the USB is represented by the fact that it is a mobile device that interacts with a large number of devices, which makes it prone to data loss incidents.

Why do you need USB data recovery?

Having this disadvantage, the USB stick is prone to a number of defects that can lead to data loss.

Defects of a USB are:

  • physical malfunctions (breaking, scratching, peeling off contacts, incorrect power voltages etc)
  • logical malfunctions (accidental format, virus attacks etc).

Regardless of the defect occurred, we distinguish two different situations:

Logical malfunctions

Logical flaws are characterized by the fact that the USB stick is functional but the data is inaccessible. In this situation, at QUARTZ Data Recovery, we will use software analysis programs of the logical structure to be able to access files that need to be recovered to another medium. In this way, we make sure they get back to you safely.

Physical malfunctions

In the case of physical defects, the USB stick is not detected or is incorrectly detected. In these cases, recovery of data is more complex, but it is not impossible. It takes reading the content of the memory chip and restoration of the data coding algorithm in the flash memory of your USB stick. Sometimes this process is lasting and requires many hours of work.

Do you need USB data recovery?

At QUARTZ Data Recovery, there are very few cases when your data is lost forever. Thanks to our modern technology and our specialization in the field of USB data recovery for over a decade, chances that your data will be recovered are high.

USB data recovery fees

LOGICAL Corrupt file system / deleted files / formatted memory. Estimated duration: 1 – 2 days. 25€ – 50€
PHYSICAL Type A The device is not detected. Estimated duration: 1 – 3 days. 50€ – 100€
PHYSICAL Type B The device is not detected or is detected incorrectly. CHIP-OFF procedure. ECC and XOR available. Estimated duration: 3 – 15 days. 100€ – 200€
PHYSICAL Type C The device is not detected or is detected incorrectly. CHIP-OFF procedure with ECC and/or XOR determination. Estimated duration: 15-30 days. From 200€

The prices are in EURO without VAT. Individual clients have discounts and other benefits.

Regardless of the defect which led to the need for USB data recovery, you have to contact us and we will do our best so that your data will get back to you. We offer a free diagnosis!