Ecrypted Disks
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Recovering encrypted drives

Data security is a very important aspect, especially among companies.

The need to ensure data protection compel more and more companies and individuals to opt for the use of solutions and systems for encrypting data on their hard drives. There are a series of solutions available (Jetico BestCrypt, Microsoft Bitlocker, Check Point, Apple FileVault, PGPDisk, Symantec EndPoint, Sophos Safeguard, etc), all with an increased protection level against unauthorized access of data.

These systems assure the confidentiality desired by users, but can generate very large complications if the disks fail and data recovery is needed. If the failure of the PCB (electronic drive plate) does not raise major problems in the data recovery process, in case of failure of the read/write heads and  in case of major surface flaws, things change radically.

In such cases it is extremely important that the file system to be accessible, which allows recovery only of the essential files for the user. But, thanks to the existent encryption, often these files are not possible to locate and therefore additional operations are required, that increase recovery time and increase the cost of data recovery.

A special situation is when, due to surface defects, decryption information are no longer available. Because of this information not being available, the decryption can not be done, therefor the result is permanent data loss. The same thing happens if encrypted partitions are formatted accidentally.

Therefore, it should be noted that the recovery of data on encrypted disks is usually more difficult and more costly than for unencrypted disks. The use of an alternative data backup solution is the safest and inexpensive way to get rid of trouble.

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