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How to prevent data loss

In order to prevent data loss, make sure the following conditions are respected:

  • Make safety copies on a regular basis, checking their integrity. External storage media (USB, Firewire) are a good choice for back-up;
  • Write an emergency plan and practice restoring data in case of problems. A basic plan for emergency cases should look like this:
    • The location of all available safety copies, including the date on which they were created and their type;
    • Location of all software packages, including updates to the original version until now;
    • Preparation of a backup computer;
  • Do not make software or hardware upgrades without a fully verified backup;
  • Provide┬áthe appropriate environmental conditions (stable temperature and humidity, cleaning) and proper handling in order to avoid electrostatic discharges and accidental mechanical shocks;
  • Physically secure the systems┬áto prevent intruders from breaking in;
  • Implement security systems, starting at least with antivirus, firewall, IDS;
  • Prepare for natural disasters (fires, floods, earthquakes etc.) keeping the copies securely at a different location than the current one.

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