CD-DVD Data Recovery

Generally, the data on a CD or DVD is not lost forever! QUARTZ Data Recovery engineers can help you with DVD data recovery solutions. Even though lately CDs and DVDs have been replaced with USB memory sticks, using a CD or DVD still represents one of the most usual data storage methods. Just like most of the storage devices, data loss incidents on CDs/DVDs can be split in two big categories: logical and physical.

Why do you need DVD data recovery?

There are two main incidents / malfunctions which lead to data loss on a CD or DVD:

Logical malfunctions

This type of damage consists of some errors occurring at file system level (unfinished sessions, accidental format etc).

In case of a quick format, data may be recovered easily because only the TOC (table of context) will be erased. In case of a full format, data recovery is impossible because the information is erased at physical level. Unfinished sessions involve not writing or improper writing of the TOC (table of context). This is why this sort of incident can be easily resolved by the QUARTZ Data Recovery specialists.

Physical malfunctions

In case of a CD or DVD, physical malfunctions consist of the alteration of the recording support (surface scratches, cracks or holes etc). Scratching can be treated with specialized hardware and software devices which can interpret the read information from the CD/DVD. Cracks or holes can be approached with the help of a dedicated equipment which can totally or partially read the wanted information.

As you can see, the data on a CD or DVD is not totally lost. If you have lost important data from such a device, you can call our specialists and they will try to recover the data you can no longer access.

At QUARTZ Data Recovery, we are using the most modern CD / DVD data recovery technology in Romania. We are on the market from over a decade, as the first company specialized exclusively in data recovery. Therefor, we have developed our own data recovery technologies. This way, if the process is possible, we will recover your data as soon as possible.

Do you need CD or DVD data recovery services?

Don’t postpone! All you need to do is contact us and we will first run a free diagnosis!